Where does Sydney’s renewable energy come from?

Sure, GreenPower doesn’t grow on trees. Even better, it is generated by job-providing, certified, sustainable businesses in regional NSW.

When you choose a GreenPower energy plan, you're indirectly purchasing renewable electricity from one of the scheme’s 51 accredited power plants (known as “generators”) in NSW. These generators use different methods – including solar, wind and hydro – but they all undergo the same thorough certification process, so you can be certain your energy has been generated renewably.

“Since 2017, over 34 generators have become GreenPower accredited, totalling more than 1800MW of new accredited generation capacity,” the chair of the National GreenPower Program Steering Group, Tim Stock, says. According to GreenPower, those 34 newly accredited generators can power more than 800,000 homes or 35,000 schools.

Additionally, by choosing GreenPower, you’re telling the market to add more renewables into the grid to cover your use.

Here are a few of the places from which NSW sources its GreenPower.

  • Sapphire Wind Farm
    This New England generator is the biggest wind farm in NSW, with a capacity of 270MW – enough to power about 120,000 households. It’s also the first GreenPower generator in NSW to launch community co-investment, which gives local residents the opportunity to buy into the farm.
  • Coleambally Solar Farm
    This 150MW solar farm in the Riverina region comprises an incredible 560,000 solar panels, making it the largest solar operation in Australia. Currently, Coleambally sells about 70 per cent of its GreenPower to Energy Australia.
  • Dubbo Solar Hub
    These two farms – Narromine and South Keswick – have a combined capacity of 24MW and were among the first solar farms established in Australia. The NSW government has an agreement with Dubbo Solar to buy its energy until 2030.
Photo: Sapphire windfarm, NSW

The future of GreenPower

NSW is already generating a substantial amount of renewable energy, and it is set to generate much more. “NSW has about 14,000 megawatts of renewable energy projects in the pipeline,” Stock says. “That is good news for everyone – and the environment.”

By signing up for a GreenPower energy plan, you're sending a signal to the NSW energy sector that investing in renewable energy is worth it. And the more popular green power is, the more affordable it will become. Additionally, increasing the demand for GreenPower indirectly creates new green-related jobs in regional NSW.

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