Renewable electricity and solar power: the best options for tenants

If you rent a house or apartment in the City of Sydney (and many of you do), there are quick and easy options to get clean green electricity.

The fastest option for you is switching to a GreenPower electricity plan. And don’t think that isn’t important: by signing up to GreenPower you’re letting the power industry (and the Australian Federal government) know that more and more Australians want to reduce their reliance on polluting energy sources. And it increases the amount of renewables in the grid – people power at work!

You can make the switch now in as little as 10 minutes. Call your current provider and tell them you’d like to change to their 100% GreenPower plan. Or shop around. Compare GreenPower products at Energy Made Easy. It’s great if you care about cost the most. But if you care about the overall environmental performance, ethics and policies of a company the most, we recommend using the Green Electricity Guide


GreenPower is sometimes sold by providers under different names like Green Choice and PureEnergy
Sometimes you have to really dig around a provider’s website to find their GreenPower option. Some don’t even advertise it. 
Some providers will offer you 10%, 20% 25% or 50% GreenPower plans. But if you want to make the most impact choose 100% GreenPower
To get the best deal, start the conversation with a provider by saying “I want to switch to 100% GreenPower at the same rate or less than I’m paying now.” Some providers may offer you a discounted rate to keep you as a customer and rival providers may offer it to lure you across.
Photo: Nyngan Solar Plant

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