Renewable energy and solar power: the best options for businesses

There are many different types of business within the City of Sydney – from small independent outfits and large multinationals to family-owned operations and tech start-ups.

Businesses generate 83% of the City’s emissions, so we can’t meet our net zero target by 2050 without your help. Powering your business with clean green renewables is the best and most impactful thing you can do to flight climate change.

Luckily, there are multiple renewable energy options for you, but they do depend on your circumstances. Here are a couple of likely scenarios.

1. You own the roof

The first question to ask is how much sun comes on to your roof. Check this solar potential map [EMBED HYPERLINK] that shows which roofs in the City are best suited to solar.

You also need to consider the age and condition of your roof, metering and switchboard. This might impact the cost of installation. And then there are planning guidelines. Which zone are you in? Do you need a DA? Which roof façade is recommended if you’re in a heritage area?

It’s also important that you call a solar retailer. Have a copy of your electricity bill handy so you can talk about how much energy you use, when you use it and how much roof capacity you have for solar panels. And keep in mind that they are selling you a product: so make sure you ask lots of questions about right sizing and payback.

2. You don’t own the roof

If you’re a single, long-term tenant, then solar power still might be economic for you.

If you’re a short-term tenant, there are multiple ways you source offsite renewables – GreenPower is the easiest, but you can also explore a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

If you’re a tenant who shares the roof with many people (i.e., you’re in an office block or large industrial complex), you might consider solar panels for your own use or panels for common areas. GreenPower is also an option.

You’ll also need to check which zone you’re in and whether or not you’ll need a DA.

Photo: Bodangora Wind Farm
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