Use our template when getting a quote for solar

This handy template simplifies the process of obtaining quotes from multiple solar providers so you can make the right decision.

Purchasing rooftop solar to power common-area lighting and equipment in an apartment building, or for individual apartments, needn’t be a complicated process.

Owners corporations can now use the City of Sydney’s “ Request for Quote ” (RFQ) template to guide the process from start to finish and gather evidence for informed decision- making. Using the template, you can obtain and compare quotes from a variety of retailers and communicate your expectations to those retailers (for example, how building waste from the installation should be handled).

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Why is this template important?

Using this template , owners corporations can source quotes from a variety of retailers quickly and with minimal effort, then easily compare both the panels on offer and the cost of installation work.

The Request for Quote template also includes a list of requirements that retailers must adhere to, including using licensed personnel and leaving the work site in a safe and tidy condition.

What if I’m in a house?

The Request for Quote template is designed for use by owners corporations of apartment buildings, who usually have more variables to factor in when installing solar than house-owners.

If you’re considering installing rooftop solar at home, solar comparison websites can be useful. Check out SolarQuotes, Canstar Blue and Solar Choice. Alternatively, if you’re doing your own research, try to obtain the following information from each retailer:

  • the type of panels and inverters to be used

  • warranty details

  • aftercare details

  • qualifications of installers

  • professional memberships or retailers and installers

  • if the installer is a small business or independent contractor, references from three similar jobs.

Accreditation matters

However you go about choosing a solar retailer, remember to check whether it has been accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Find out more about accreditation here.

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