How you’ll benefit from rooftop solar

Yes, rooftop solar can help save the planet – and your hard-earned cash. But they’re not the only advantages.

Experts reckon there’s never been a better time to install rooftop solar. “The economics are now really good for solar in Australia, and lots of households and businesses are installing as a result,” says Tracie Armstrong, Cities Power Partnership acting director at the Climate Council.

The cost of solar electricity has fallen by a stunning 94 per cent since 2012. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that more than 20 per cent of Australian homes now have rooftop solar.

Peter Connelly pictured in front of the rooftop solar system of his strata apartment. Photo: Jessica Lindsay

Here are some other compelling ways rooftop solar can benefit you.

Lower your electricity bills

“In Australia, we have really high electricity prices,” Tracie Armstrong says. “It’s a big pressure on household budgets and businesses – and the best way to avoid that cost is by generating your own electricity for free.” The Climate Council says many households can reduce their consumption of electricity from the grid by up to half through installing rooftop solar.

Help fight climate change

Switching to clean, green electricity is one of the most effective ways households and businesses within the City of Sydney can help reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“One-third of all emissions in Australia come from the electricity sector, and a large portion of that is household demand, particularly air-conditioning in summer,” says Climate Council energy researcher Louis Brailsford.

Your impact can be significant: the average Australian household generates 14 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Reduce Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels

If we collectively cut the amount of fossil-fuel energy we use, we send a powerful signal to Australian governments and the business sector that coal-fired power should be phased out. Using less coal-fired power now will create a greener Australia for future generations.

Make a great investment

Spending $5000 on rooftop solar may seem difficult to justify. “But with today’s powerful systems, you can have a relatively small installation on your roof and get your money back within four or five years through the savings off your electricity bill,” Brailsford says. “Then every year after that, you’re getting free electricity.”

Many rooftop-solar systems have 25-year warranties, which means a possible 25 years of free electricity. Adding rooftop solar makes sense even if you’re planning to sell: 77 per cent of people in Australia believe a solar system adds value to a property.

Enhancing your energy security

Households and businesses in the City of Sydney with solar can sidestep the uncertainty about electricity supply in NSW and protect themselves from disruptions to Sydney’s energy grid. Solar means enhancing your energy security and ensuring you never go without power. It also allows you to take back control from price-gauging energy retailers.

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