Renewable energy and solar power: the best options for house owners

So, you’re a home-owner and you’re considering switching to solar energy. 

There are three great options available to you:

  1. Purchase GreenPower for all your energy use.
  2. Install rooftop solar.
  3. Install rooftop solar and then purchase GreenPower from the grid.

Let’s unpack these options in more detail, and point you in the right direction to access all the information you need.

1. GreenPower

Switching to GreenPower is the least complex of your three options, because it isn’t really dependent on any other factors apart from your willingness to adopt renewable energy.

You can make the switch now by comparing GreenPower products here or calling your retailer and telling them you’d like to change to their GreenPower product.

You can also read more about GreenPower here:

The GreenPower program is a government scheme that enables Australian households and businesses to buy renewable energy from retailers to meet up to 100 per cent of their electricity needs.

Photo: Bodangora Wind Farm

2. Rooftop solar 

There are some important questions you need to consider to decide if rooftop solar is the right option for you.

These include:

  • Is there any sun coming on to your roof? Check this solar potential map [LINK] that shows which roofs in the City are best suited to solar.
  • What age and condition are your roof, metering and switchboard? This might impact the cost of installation.
  • Will you need to consider planning guidelines? Which zone are you in? Do you need a DA? Which roof façade is recommended if you’re in a heritage area? These questions are answered in our article A guide to the development approvals you need for rooftop solar.

It’s also important that you call an accredited solar retailer. Have a copy of your electricity bill handy so you can talk about how much energy you use, when you use it and how much roof capacity you have for solar panels. And keep in mind that they are selling you a product: so make sure you lots of questions about right sizing and payback.

Look under the “I’m a homeowner" category for a comprehensive guide to rooftop solar.

3. Install solar power and then purchase GreenPower from the grid 

Follow the steps above..

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